The adoption of Open-source solutions across state and local governments

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The_adoption_of_Open-source_solutions_across_state_and_local_governments-300x162 The adoption of Open-source solutions across state and local governments
In recent years, the augmentation of data, which has put pressure on agencies to find ways to better administer and leverage data. The detonation of data and the need to efficiently utilize, it has been a key factor for pouring the improved adoption of open source software across the public sector. Simultaneously, agencies are facing complexities when it comes to modernizing inheritance IT infrastructure and reinforcing overall cyber security that makes it harder for government leaders to embrace modernization.

With the adoption of Open Source solutions by State and local governments, they will build a modern data infrastructure that can gather, cumulate, and process data in actual-time to offer actionable insights and intelligence. Since more agencies look to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, at the same time reducing costs and increasing their litheness with their data, open source will undoubtedly persist to provide as a key enabler in accomplishing government missions in the digital age. In addition, as the adoption of open source is growing across government, a major concern that remains is the security of free and open source solutions. While it comes to tapping into the power of the community, enterprise open source solutions enable agencies to take advantage without sacrificing the security and enterprise features that are necessary when securing government data.

Enterprise open source permits state and local agencies to protectively leverage the advantages of open source by providing a Commercial off the Shelf or COTS product that has the accurate level of business readiness needed to aid government missions. Spending in future-oriented, enterprise open source solutions will solely assist lesser the total cost of possession. This is possible as agencies may sidestep the costly and painful supplier lock-in that comes with proprietary software.