The Anticipated Magic beyond Cloud Computing

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The_-Anticipated_-Magic-_beyond_-Cloud_-Computing-300x200 The Anticipated Magic beyond Cloud ComputingThe air is filled with cloud and its innovative life ever since its emergence. Yes, agreed to an extent but, hey! Hold on the era of the giant data centers is reaching the rear-ended with the age of self-driving cars. Deadly as it sounds When a self-driving car will be snapping decisions answers need to be fast. Even a slight delay can cause dangerous errors as they do not support huge computing powers to process the necessary data to avoid the dangers. They allow communication with nearby vehicles to optimize traffic flow and navigate the best routes to avoid gridlocked or washed-out roads.

That problems from the frontier are the reason for many tech leaders to anticipate a new “edge computing” network, which is capable of turning today’s logical cloud inside out. the 247 billion dollar cloud computing industry is filtered into a massive centralized data centers operated by giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. This is a smart model to scale up web search and social networks in order to streamline media for billions of users. But not applicable to latency-intolerant applications like autonomous cars or mobile mixed reality.

Now, Speaking of Packet’s scattered micro data centers, they are nothing less than the sprawling facilities operated by Amazon and Google containing a large number of servers and squat in suburbs, small towns, and rural areas. This is made possible because of their huge physical footprints and energy appetites all over the country. Packet’s centers are usually characterized with few server racks but promise customers in major cities with a speedy access to raw computing power, showing an average delay of just 10 to 15 milliseconds. This speed is a must for companies and developers who are hoping to stream virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to smartphones.

Hold on dear, this is just a start of the new kind of network speed. Now imagine an autonomous driving, drone-clogged, robot-operated future that requires less than a milliseconds off network-roundtrip ticking clock! For smart vehicles alone, Toyota shows a data flow between vehicles and cloud computing services which is estimated at approx. 10 exabytes per month by 2025.
It makes the fact clear that Cloud computing will be reaching a high, never anticipated or fantasied by any techie in recent times. just stare at our smartphones and wait for downloads to happen in the new future to experience the magic your self. The want of the minute is computation and the edge is how we get it!