The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association And PatientPing Joint Force To Advance Care Coordination Across Arizona

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The_Arizona-Hospital-and-Healthcare-Association-And-PatientPing-Joint-Force-To-Advance-Care-Coordination-Across-Arizona The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association And PatientPing Joint Force To Advance Care Coordination Across ArizonaThe Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA), the association for all Hospitals across Arizona, has established a new partnership with PatientPing, a comprehensive care coordination platform to advancing patient care outcomes across the state of Arizona. Coordinated by AzHHA’s Affiliated Partners Program, the partnership will connect all the AzHHA’s member hospitals and participating providers. This statewide partnership enables participants to access the real-time patient information and insights from care events across the entire gamut, allowing more seamless care transitions and overall enhanced care quality.

Ahead of this collaboration, AzHHA’s Vice President of business development John Koenke stated that this exciting new partnership with PatientPing will provide members with the data and support needed as they continue to improve healthcare for the people of Arizona. Through this partnership, AzHHA leverages PatientPing as part of its participation in the Partnership for Patients (PfP) program, a CMS-backed initiative designed to condense national, all-cause patient harm rates by 20 percent and 30-day readmissions by 12 percent. The program is integrated with more than 4,000 healthcare centers across 16 Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIIN), all of which are working toward continued harm reduction and advanced outcomes for patients.

Besides this strategic partnership with AzHHA, PatientPing has also worked together with several leading health systems in Arizona, including Innovation Care Partners, affiliated with HonorHealth that serves 1.6 million people across the greater Phoenix area. The organization’s nationwide network further includes thousands of hospitals, health plans, health information exchanges, providers, and other entities, all of which are working together to collaborate on their shared patients, improve care outcomes and cut healthcare costs.