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The Best Way To Build Your Own App & Start Earning

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The-Best-Way-To-Build-Your-Own-App-Start-Earning-300x129 The Best Way To Build Your Own App & Start EarningHow to make money in the world of apps is a million dollar question. Everyone wants to make some extra money and app developing is the best way to do that. Though there lies a problem, not everyone is a coder. That is the turn-off for many, but you don’t have to be a coder to develop an app. Coding is going to take years to master and to make something of value takes, even more, time in a conventional way. On the other hand, you can learn some trade tricks to set you started.


The best way is to find a mentor and a freelance designer who can develop the app for less money and this will get you started earning money as early as possible. For instance, the Yes/No messaging app has been developed by a non-coder. A bunch of entrepreneurs did not like the traditional group-messaging app and hence outsourced development to make their own app. Another such instance is NerdWallet, the app which lets you chose the right bank account, credit card and everything else related to financial planning was developed by a non-techie.


The best way is to hire a professional and get the app built and start earning, rather than wasting time in coding and then building something that will be of no value.