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warehouse The Business WareHouse Of Next Generation
Data is the new oil, there is no doubt in it. However, it is a fact that more data has been created in last two years than the entire human history and now 99.5 percent of data is left unattended while the rest 0.5 percent is analyzed. Companies have gathered all their data at one database. Users and applications can quarry with one primary use case.

Overcoming limitations with flexibility

Cubes need to be created up front by storing them in one static Data Structure, while they provide a fast way to generate reports and analyze data. Cost minimization for the computational way of updating the static cube or the cube must be recomputed completely.

Making your business warehouse ready for the future

Companies will get the flexibility to dramatically connect and build the data, as they need it. Which will allow them to make ultimate decisions for their business. Providing the logical data warehouse it allows a single logical view of all the data.

Simple, open, agile

SAP BW/4HANA trails three design philosophies they are it has a modern UX, it runs on a substantially simplified data model and it is built for high performance.thanks to reduced data objects and layers complicated data structures are a thing of the past.