The DHS Digital Service works with Agencies for modernizing the Immigration process

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For hastening the process for admitting asylum seekers to the U.S. as policymakers and White House personnel looking over the border walls and immigration policy, the DHS Digital Service team (Department of Homeland and Security) has worked behind the prospects to modernize the government’s immigration system.

As a U.S. Digital Services’ branch, the DHS digital service team largely focus on advancing new technologies concerning to immigration policy that could benefit everyone, Executive Director Stephanie Neill commented. Neill’s team works on the mission to assist the delivery of government services to folks.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services had poured nearly USD 1 billion from 2006 to 2015, and over a decade building the ELIS (Electronic Immigration System) to digitize multitude forms and application related to naturalization, green cards, and other immigration benefits. However, after joined in 2015 with the project, DHS Digital Service team processed 5 percent of total services electronically. For the next three years, the team hopes to raise that figure to 80 percent by enabling people to apply for green cards through the ELIS platform.

However, after studying the aspirant data, the team found that over half of the folks applying for renewed green cards that could sail without any interference and took up to four months to authorize renewals. Therefore, they built a system that automatically approves those candidates who are eligible and within hours. Moreover, 300,000 asylum applications backlog faces by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services currently that can wait up to more than a year for the government interview. Neill pointed out that to reduce that waiting process their team developing a platform to help offices schedule and assign interviews with federal investigators that largely done by deploying papers.