The Hybrid Cloud Impact On Organisations- It’s All About Getting The Right App Management

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The-_Hybrid-_Cloud_-Impact-_On-_Organisations_-It’s_-All_-About_-Getting_-The-_Right-_App_-Management The Hybrid Cloud Impact On Organisations- It’s All About Getting The Right App ManagementHybrid cloud seems to be an ideal IT model for the majority of organizations in comparison to a few which exist today, according to a new report by hyper-converged infrastructure firm Nutanix. The study says that the Cloud polled with a total of 2,300 respondents and has found enterprises using hybrid cloud are only 18 percent.

The research has found that there needs to be more and simple rollout process. Public cloud cannot be considered a cure-all as there are more than 35 percent companies who admitted to overspending on their public cloud. The key ways to get initiatives is through matching applications to the right cloud environment with a visibility of 88 percent across any cloud. With more than 87 percent of respondents using the hybrid cloud in their business, almost 49 percent agree that their needs were met. Single public cloud users range around 37 percent. This concept is popular in EMEA, Americas, and the Asia Pacific in terms of adoption.

Nutanix was seen focused on this aspect as a part of its strategy this year. The company has acquired Netsi; a San Francisco-based app mapping to discover and manage their software providers, back in March this year. Now with multiple clouds, there is a rise of containers and microservices, where many organizations lack visibility in key areas.