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The Linux 4.6.7 Kernel update is the last for 4.6 lineup

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The-Linux-4.6-300x129 The Linux 4.6.7 Kernel update is the last for 4.6 lineupIt is about time for the users of Linux 4.6 series of Kernels version to upgrade said the lead maintainer of the software in a statement. With the release of Kernel version, 4.6.7 Greg Kroah-Hartman mentioned it to be the last in the 4.6 series. The future lies in the Kernel version 4.7.1 released on Tuesday. Users are requested to move to the newer and better 4.7.1 Kernel.


63 file changes, 271 deletions and 618 insertions, a verity of updated drivers along with fixes for hardware file system is included in the 4.6.7 Kernel maintenance update. Charles King an analyst said all organizations should update to this version to ensure their systems smooth running. Though it will be a better idea to move to 4.7.1 Kernel version if organizations are considering the option.


The systems remaining on the old kernel will face less efficiency and less security over time but initially, it will not be a devastating difference. The availability of a better and secure Kernel doesn’t make sense for organizations to stay on the older versions. A new Linux Security Module, support for the RX 480 GPUs and a bunch of new bug fixes and driver updates are among the improvements in the 4.7 lineups.