The Market Study Shows Applications Container Market Revenue Will Reach USD 4.3 Billion By 2022

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The_Market_Study-Shows-Applications-Container-Market-Revenue-Will-Reach-USD-4.3-Billion-By-2022 The Market Study Shows Applications Container Market Revenue Will Reach USD 4.3 Billion By 2022As more CIOs and CTOs consider alternative ways to support their developer’s requirement for agile IT infrastructure implementation, the global market for server virtualization technologies has felt comparatively low growth. While some early adopters are testing with serverless solutions, the mainstream market is using software applications container solutions.

As per the 451 Research’s latest worldwide study, the market for emerging applications container will keep on to enlarge and be valued over USD 2.1 billion this year and by 2022, it’ll be worth over USD 4.3 billion, with a CAGR of 30 percent. As the revenue contribution from containers for the huge majority of participating vendors is still comparatively small, the extensive interest in application container tech remains a defining feature of this embryonic market. The development in the containers market and ecosystem is being driven by augmenting enterprise interest to support application developers move faster, operate infrastructure more competently and meet digital transformation goals. Serverless technologies, that being said, have an analogous goal with a Cloud Computing FaaS model (Function-as-a-Service).  The 451 Research analyst’s market assessment found that nearly half of the enterprise organizations are either utilizing application containers today or planning to utilize them in the near future.

Principal analyst at 451 Research, Jay Lyman stated the promise of container technologies to amplify developer speed, effectiveness and portability across hybrid IT infrastructures, including micro-services, are all driving growth. Additionally, Lyman said the wider and deeper vendor participation along with escalating enterprise utilization showed the market will persist to develop and as that growth continues, consolidation in the market is likely. The 451 Research’s market study further illustrated that both startup vendors and established leaders within the enterprise software industry are dealing with an assortment of container use cases, including monitoring, management, and orchestration, IT security, DevOps, networking, and storage.