The Next Generation Electro-Optical and radio frequency sensors to be designed by three US Companies

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The-Next-Generation_Electro-Optical_and-radio_frequency_sensors-to-be_designed-by-three_US-Companies-300x195 The Next Generation Electro-Optical and radio frequency sensors to be designed by three US CompaniesWRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio – U.S. Air Force researchers develop a new technology for next-generation Electro-Optical (EO) and radio-frequency (RF) sensors, communications, information processing, imaging, and signals intelligence (SIGINT) applications in co-operation with three US-based companies.

Officials of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio state that, they are working with Defense Engineering Corp. in Beavercreek, Ohio, opts Imaging Systems LLC in Lorton and Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Louisville, Colo. For the Development and Research of the advanced system applications.

The three companies mainly focus on the development of these areas to technically support US Air force:
• Antenna technologies and electromagnetic Scattering Mechanism
• Electro-optic and Infrared sensor technology
• Sensor information processing and integration
• Common-aperture electro-optic radio frequency Mechanisms
• Waveform phenomenology, design, and their applications
• Signal Intelligence using Ultra-sensitive receivers
• Hyperspectral imaging research for day/night vision
• High-resolution imaging stand-off
• Infrared research and track technology systems
• Laser radar by implementing imaging systems
• RF sensor systems with reference to AI

The above factors influence the project mechanism of Air force to develop and design advanced software for the US Air force. This technology seeks to develop an advanced range of long field infrared search including tracking system that operates at a certain mechanism for next-generation fire-control solutions at long range along clear atmospheric paths. Developments are applications include Ladar imaging, systems, components, and applications seeks to apply ladar. RF sensor systems need to be improvised by RF sensing systems for integrated air defense systems and to aim the target successfully.