The older Surface Pro 3 outshined the Surface Book sales

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Surface_Pro_3_Review_hands_holding-300x129 The older Surface Pro 3 outshined the Surface Book salesSurface series of tablets has grown into the veins of Enterprise sector. Especially the latest models.Despite the latest processor and advanced features introduced in Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, users are still preferring to go for the older Surface Pro 3.

According to a report, roughly 30% of all surface users are still using the Surface Pro 3, though Surface Pro 4 sales are gaining reducing the distance in the race fast. Due to the lack of numbers, it is blurred if the Surface Book is unpopular or simply imperfect for the market that seeks this kind of product.

The Surface Book is available in few countries including, the US, the UK, China, Japan and a few more. The price could also be a factor, Surface pro 3 & Surface Pro 4 starts from $599& $899 respectively but the Surface Book goes all the way to $1499 starting price.

This whole discussion results to one conclusion, now that the Surface Pro outnumbered the Surface Book sales by a big margin, will Microsoft build the Surface Book 2? And if yes will it Sale?