The Open Source Continuous Integration Solution Provider Travis CI Joins The Idera’s Testing Tools Division

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The-Open-Source_Continuous-Integration-Solution-Provider-Travis-CI-Joins-The-Idera’s-Testing-Tools-division The Open Source Continuous Integration Solution Provider Travis CI Joins The Idera’s Testing Tools DivisionIdera, a software company that offers systems and application management software for Microsoft Windows and Linux servers, has acquired the open source Continuous Integration solution platform, Travis CI. With this acquisition, Travis CI will be joining Idera’s Testing Tools division that involves Ranorex, TestRail, and Kiuwan.

Travis CI, a hosted, distributed continuous integration service utilized to develop and test software projects hosted at GitHub, assured its users that the company will keep on to be open source and a stand-alone solution under an MIT license. In the statement, Travis CI Founder Konstantin Haase stated that his company will continue to provide the same service to their hosted and on-premises users. With the support from Travis CI’s new partners, the company will be able to spend in expanding and enhancing their core products. Idera will also keep the Travis Foundation that runs projects like Rails Girls Summer of Code, Speakerinnen, Diversity Tickets, and Prompt. This acquisition came at a time when Tavis CI’s opponents such as Circle CI, seem to be taking market share away from Travis CI.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Idera offers an array of B2B software solutions ranging from database administration to application development to test management. It also offers database management and data modeling tools for monitoring, securing and advancing data systems with confidence. Founded in 2000, It produced a line of server backup software products under the name Idera, competing for business with Imceda and later Red Gate Software. With offices in Australia, Austria, and the United Kingdom, Idera focused on managing and monitoring servers and applications for smaller and mid-size businesses.