The Plot Of Patents In Shaping The AR-VR Tech


The_plot-of-patents-in-shaping-the-AR-VR-Tech The Plot Of Patents In Shaping The AR-VR TechVirtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, in a few years, have seen very drastic growth rates. As VR technology generates a completely new, artificial reality that separates the user from their actual surroundings, AR tech superimposes artificial images on real surroundings, generally by seeing through a smartphone camera or wearing special glasses.

In VR, the use of headsets and headphones covers the user in the illusion of an alternative world. It is usually utilized for entertainment purposes, in the form of movies like animations and interactive games. However, in the near future, it could be practiced for medical applications like therapy, education purposes, military training or industrial manufacturing. In AR technology, the user looks at their surroundings through a smartphone camera and sees virtual objects and can interact with their surroundings through the touchscreen interface. In the coming days, Augmented Reality could be utilized in an aggregation of settings, from medicine to office applications. While AR is utilized by millions of folks to filter their Snapchat or Instagram stories, VR users are still small in number.

In order to classify related patents of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the IPlytics Platform database was utilized to do an extensive keyword search for globally filed patents for VR and AR technologies. The search was based on the patent’s content, making use of high-tech stemming and semantic indexing methods. IPlytics assessed 140,756 patents in which 67,043 INPADOC patent families. IPlytics filed patents by seeing at each businesses’ portfolio by utilizing entity disambiguation methods in order to classify patent ownership. Intel, Microsoft, Sony are the three effective VR and AR-related patent owners and IPlytics platform database recognized five US-based companies as well as two Korean, two Japanese, one Chinese and one Dutch company out of the top 10 A and VR technology patent owners.