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The ProBook Series Revamped By HP

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The-ProBook-Series-Revamped-By-HP-300x129 The ProBook Series Revamped By HPThe HP’s ProBook lineup of laptops are revamped but they aren’t as good as some of its recent notebook launches. But the company is certainly trying its best to make us believe so. The company wants us to think that they are listening to the young employees out there and what they think about professional portables with a mention of the word ‘millennials’ twice in its blog post. The Gen Xers and baby boomers love heavy and boxy portables and certainly will not mind carrying a little extra weight around.


The ProBook 400 models with 3.3 pounds wait will certainly be appreciated by the old and the younger generations. All the five new models have a reflective HP logo and Asteroid Silver colored chassis for a slightly more contemporary look. The durability that HP incorporates into its new ProBook models is what more important for the IT staff and business buyers. For resistance to drop, dust, extreme temperature and shock tests of MIL-STD 810G has been passed by the laptops. The company also mentioned that they have tested the reliability of the models up to 120,000 hours.


These models will be equipped with the latest processors from the Intel (Kaby Lake) and AMD (A series). The laptops can be configured in a number of ways. 16 GB of RAM and different capacity of HDD’s and SSD’s. Nvidia’s GeFource 930 MX mobile graphics and USB-C port will also be featured in some selected models.