The RAIN RFID Alliance Announces Selling Over 15 Billion Tag Chips In 2018

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The-RAIN-RFID-Alliance-Announces-Selling-Over-15-Billion-Tag-Chips-In-2018 The RAIN RFID Alliance Announces Selling Over 15 Billion Tag Chips In 2018The RAIN RFID Alliance, in a recent press release statement on Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 2019, announced selling 15.4 billion RAIN RFID tag chips in 2018, a whopping 23% growth over 2017. It is further estimated that the RAIN RFID tag market will surpass the 20 billion figure in 2020 and beyond. The alliance, which was founded in 2014, collects volume data industry’s leading RAIN tag chip manufacturers, all of which are current members of the Alliance including Alien Technologies, Axzon Inc., EM Microelectronic, Impinj, Inc., and NXP Semiconductors, all combined they sold 15.4 billion tag chips in 2018.

According to Steve Halliday, president of RAIN RFID Alliance, the RAIN tech is something preeminent for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), which enabled over 15 billion connected things last year. The alliance, on a daily basis, discusses with its over 160 members worldwide. Concluding Halliday said that, it is exciting to see these crunching growth figures about RAIN tech to tag ‘things’ across many markets.

Currently, RAIN tech has a widespread presence in industries like Aviation, Electronics, Food, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Packaging, and Retail. RAIN tags support features like they can be attached or embedded, can be flexible or hardened, can have basic identification numbers or more memory and data, can be used for long-range or short-range, can be a stand-alone solution or connected to sensors, such as temperature or pressure, can be without batteries or battery assisted.