The Relationship Between Android Nougat And Smartphone Manufacturers

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The-Relationship-Between-Android-Nougat-And-Smartphone-Manufacturers-300x129 The Relationship Between Android Nougat And Smartphone ManufacturersWhen will the new version of Android come to my phone? This is an everlasting question every time Google announce a new flavor. By the end of the article, you might find the answer.


If you want to be the first to get the Google updates a Nexus device will do the trick. Right now the Android Nougat developer preview is available on a few Nexus devices. Just like Marshmallow released last year first on the Nexus devices this year also the Nougat will come to Nexus before any other device.


Next, comes the HTC devices like HTC 10, One M9 and One A9 will be upgrades to the Nougat. So if you have one of them then you will receive the update notification soon after the Nougat is released.


LG considering its past update releases has a mixed track record. But it is expected that this time, the company might roll out the updates even prior to Google. The currently available G5 and V10 models of the company will get Nougat and it is believed that the LG V20 expected release in September will come with the new flavor out of the box.


Motorola after been acquired by Lenovo has slowed down the update releases. But the expected models to be updated to Nougat are likely Moto Z, Z-Droid, Z-Droid Force, G4.


Samsung is the undisputed winner of the mobile market when it comes to the hardware, but the tables turn when the update cycle is discussed. The forthcoming models like Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and the Note 7 are likely to come with Nougat out of the box.