The Role of Smart Mobility in building Smart Cities

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Smart-Mobility-in-building-Smart-Cities The Role of Smart Mobility in building Smart CitiesMoving people, goods, or services – smart mobility is the lifeline for today’s advanced futuristic cities. Without it, moving commerce efficiently through time or space is next to impossible.

The idea behind the transportation system can be related to the human bloodstream – the way blood system is supposed to carry nutrients throughout a body – is how the transportation system is intended to move the necessities required for complex urban life. A clogged bloodstream leads to blood pressure and other implications, which eventually can breakdown a human body, similarly, a broken transportation system can be the demise of the smart city concept. For instance, let us consider a situation in which a hospital identifies a required medical device is in its branch hospital across town, but if the system that moves either the patient to the device or the device to the patient is inefficient, it mars the whole idea of the device existence.  On relating this to smart cities, a mobility system that quickly and easily prioritizes routing, and seamlessly integrates with all modes of transportation is what that keeps the city running.

Furthermore, safety and security are key factors in a smart city scenario, if they are breached it leads to chaos that can pretty soon escalate to devastation. Safety and security combined are the core needs of a functioning society, thus if we call the IoT as the brain and transportation as the bloodstream of a society, it’s essential that all new technological advances and innovations comply to these basic safety and security demand to render a fruitful society and eventually a nurturing smart city.