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The Social Media Giant Launched Marketplace

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The-Social-Media-Giant-Launched-Marketplace-300x129 The Social Media Giant Launched MarketplaceFacebook the social media giant is stepping into the Craigslist Business. Facebook has just announced the new feature called Marketplace where users can sell and buy items from other users nearby. At the time of launch, the Marketplace will be available for Android and iOS users in the Australia, US, UK and New Zealand will have access to it. It will be similar to the Craigslist said the company, users can post an item and buyers contact you and the deal is made privately. Therefore, Facebook will not be having any cut in the deal.


The company noticed about 450 million people visit the social media site groups dedicated to selling and buying every month and boom a new idea was born. The company has been trying from years to figure out the purchase and sell a pattern of the users. Facebook’s beacon program is an early example. Here transaction on sites like Overstock.com and Gamefly will be posted on the social media site. The idea is that all the selling and buying on the site is providing the information to more precisely target their ads to you.


Users can find a new icon in the Facebook mobile app which looks like a window with a shop awning over it once the Marketplace starts rolling out to you.