The Structured Finance Association Announces Communications Program to Promote Understanding of Securitization in Lending and the Economy


1-1-11 The Structured Finance Association Announces Communications Program to Promote Understanding of Securitization in Lending and the EconomyWASHINGTON, June 20, 2019 — As it commences a communications program to enhance understanding of a $13 trillion industry that last year funded more than 50% of U.S. household debt, the trade association previously known as the Structured Finance Industry Group has today reintroduced itself under a new name – The Structured Finance Association. Coinciding with the name change, the association has launched a content-deep website supported by an advertising campaign to promote the positive impact securitization has on people’s lives and the economy.

The 360+ members of the Structured Finance Association represent the diverse industries that participate in securitizing loans, including banks of all sizes, broker-dealers, investors, mortgage insurers, rating agencies and accounting firms.

In a blog post welcoming visitors to the association’s updated website, the Structured Finance Association’s CEO, Michael Bright, wrote:

“A vital part of my job as CEO of the Structured Finance Association — which represents the firms that make securitization happen and, as a result, enhance lending and keep our banking system nimble and dynamic — is helping people grasp how our industry works and the very real and valuable impact it has on people’s lives.

“Securitization – which is really a synonym for structured finance – finances car loans, credit card loans, home loans, equipment loans, small business loans, and more. Today, anytime someone in the United States borrows money, that loan is probably ending up in a deal that connects borrowers in the U.S. with the global financial systems. And in a roundabout way, the selling of each loan makes it possible for someone else to get a loan, too.

“Our association’s 360+ members make all that possible. Importantly, they do so with a strong commitment to the safety of consumers and the system.

“Today, the association is rolling out our new name (we were, until yesterday, the Structured Finance Industry Group) and a new website to help us communicate and connect policy makers, the public, and those in the structured finance industry. We also want to help demonstrate how, when done responsibly, securitization brings important value to our economy. It helps consumers buy cars, make essential purchases with their credit cards, realize the American dream of homeownership, and send their kids to college. It helps Main Street businesses that need access to credit to fuel their growth. It makes our financial system more liquid, diffuses risk and lowers financing costs for everyday Americans.

“This site is a resource for anyone who wants to understand our industry better and keep our financial system robust and safe. It’s also a tool for sharing progress on our other important roles: setting best practices for the industry, helping the financial system better serve the needs of all communities, and establishing industry consensus on issues that matter to our members. Our goal is to help securitization finance real economic growth and to do so without putting the economy at risk. That is an objective worth accomplishing.”

At the core of the Structured Finance Association website is educational information about how securitization works, and the value and values of the industry. Content areas of critical interest to the industry – such as housing finance reform, or the coming transition from Libor – will be updated continually.

To promote content on the site and increase awareness of the new branding, the Structured Finance Association will in the weeks ahead roll out phases of paid advertising across various platforms.