The U.S. Commerce Department Seeks Comment on Potential AI and Emerging Tech Export Restrictions

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The_U.S._Commerce_Department_Seeks_Comment_on_Potential_AI_and_Emerging_Tech_Export_Restrictions The U.S. Commerce Department Seeks Comment on Potential AI and Emerging Tech Export Restrictions

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) released an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on Nov. 19 looking for public comment through Dec. 19. The Commerce Department seeking comment on criteria for recognizing emerging technologies that are critical to the nation’s security and that may be involved in possible future export control regulations.

The list of emerging tech categories that Commerce department is assessing runs in the dozens of patterns, but significantly features Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies and separate technologies including neural networks and Deep Learning; speech and audio processing; computer vision; audio and video manipulation; swarming technologies; AI Cloud technologies; microprocessor technologies; AI chipsets; position, navigation, and timing technologies; brain-computer interfaces; quantum computing, sensing, and encryption technologies; mind-machine interfaces; face print and voiceprint technologies; hypersonic technologies; and smart dust.

The Commerce Department said that their advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on emerging technologies is separate from an additional notice that it plans to issue on foundational technologies that may be important to U.S. national security. BIS wants to comment on a number of topics that comprises criteria to determine importance to the nation’s security; other general technology categories that warrant similar review; current development status of the technologies in the U.S.; and the impact of that emerging technology controls would have on U.S. technological leadership. According to the notice, BIS manages the export of dual-use and less sensitive military items through the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) including the Commerce Control List (CCL).