The U.S. President To Introduce the American Artificial Intelligence Initiative

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The_U.S.-President-To-Introduce-the-American-Artificial-Intelligence-Initiative The U.S. President To Introduce the American Artificial Intelligence InitiativeAs nations worldwide have preparing to launch or introduced programs to fuel development in Artificial Intelligence, the U.S has practically sluggish in this technology. But, President Donald Trump, on Monday, is expected to sign an executive order, launching the American Artificial Intelligence initiative, a senior administration official told during addressing the reporters in a background call over the weekend.

The initiative aimed at strengthening American leadership in AI, the initiative features a multi-pronged approach which is split into five key pillars: Research and Development- Federal agencies will be asked to prioritize AI investments in their R&D budgets, and report how this capital is invested to develop a more comprehensive overview of government investment in AI. Automation- Agencies will be asked to prepare workforces for changes to the job market caused by emerging technology with the creation of fellowships and apprenticeships. Freeing resources- Federal data, algorithms, and processing power will be made obtainable to researchers, offering a boost in areas like transportation and healthcare sector. Ethical standards- Government bodies like the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will be asked to develop standards that will lead the development of consistent, full-bodied, secure, responsible, portable, and interoperable AI systems. International engagement- The administration wants to work with other nations on Artificial Intelligence development but do so in a way that retains American values and interests.

Currently, the initiative deals with a range of areas of key concern in Artificial Intelligence development, but the lack of new funding will worry some. 18 countries, so far, have introduced national AI strategies, and half of these include new sources of funding.