The U.S. Security Bodies Indicates Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence as Emerging Threats

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The_U.S._Security_Bodies_Indicates_Quantum_Computing_and_Artificial_Intelligence_as_Emerging_Threats The U.S. Security Bodies Indicates Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence as Emerging ThreatsAccording to a study, several U.S. security network entities indicated that they have seen quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence as potential security threats in near future. The study, titled Long-Range Emerging Threats Facing the United States as Identified by Federal Agencies, was commissioned by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), in which federal agencies recognized 26 long-term threats within four groups.

Adversaries’ Political and Military Advancements- for example, China’s increasing ability to match the U.S. military’s strength; Weapons- advances in weapons tech such as cyber weapons; Dual-use technologies- autonomous vehicles might be developed for private use, but militaries can use them too; and Events and Demographic Changes- infectious disease outbreaks. The security agencies highlighted fear that continually improves with quantum computing and AI could be utilized to cause harm, rather than enhance society. For instance, this year computer technologies set a new momentum record for the trapped-ion building blocks of next-gen quantum computers. Similarly stands with AI where studies are undertaken to review the extent that AI can comprehend what it is like to be human.

A concern that drawn from the study report is where adversaries could attain augmented access to AI through affordable designs used in the commercial industry and could deploy AI to such areas like weapons and technology, and that quantum communications could allow adversaries to build secure communications where U.S. personnel would not be able to prevent or decrypt. The potential threat, as an example, postured by quantum computing, researchers from the Russian Quantum Center in Moscow have gone on record to state that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology will be vulnerable in the upcoming days from quantum systems unless these applications themselves incorporate quantum technologies.