The US President Signs a Bill to Promote Quantum technology

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The_US_President_Signs_a_Bill_to_Promote_Quantum_technology-1 The US President Signs a Bill to Promote Quantum technologyThe U.S. President Donald Trump has signed a bill last week, named the National Quantum Initiative Act; a nation-wide quantum computing plan that will ascertain goals for the next decade to speed up the development of quantum technology.

The bill was initially introduced in June this year. This bill for quantum technologies is a commitment where different departments including the NIST, NSF, and Secretary of Energy together will offer USD 1.25 billion funding during 2019 to 2023 to promote activities in the quantum information science. The new act and the funding that comes with it will advance quantum research in the United States. The National Quantum Initiative Act intends to improve USA’s position in the area of quantum information science and its technology applications. The bill will support research and development of quantum technologies that can escort to practical applications. It seeks to develop the workforce on quantum computing, address any knowledge gaps, promote research opportunities across diverse academic levels, add more facilities and centers for experimenting and educating in this field, and promote brisk development of quantum-based technologies.

The bill also seeks to enhance the alliance between the federal governments of the USA, its laboratories and industries, and universities; facilitate technology innovation and private sector commercialization; meet economic and security goals of USA; promote the expansion of international standards for quantum information science. The U.S. President will work with Federal agencies, councils, working groups, subcommittees, et al, to set goals for the National Quantum Initiative Act.