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The World Cloud Infrastructure is led by four US-based companies

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The-World-Cloud-Infrastructure-is-led-by-four-US-based-companies-300x129 The World Cloud Infrastructure is led by four US-based companiesThe current cloud market is dominated by four US-based companies, who are leading the race with such margins that other can only think of overtaking them. Including vendor review by region and segment the Synergy Research Group which provides market segmentation and tracking data quarterly mentioned, provided this data.


Amazon Web Services leading the race with a 31 percent share followed by Microsoft at 11 percent of the cloud market worldwide. IBM and Google are at the 3rd and 4th position with 8 percent and 5 percent of the market share respectively. The report also mentioned PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and hosted cloud services in the figures as well.


The presence of Goal, ability to fund bigger investments and Marketing Power is what making them stand out of the mob. These leaders are improving much faster than their competitors. These four giant’s cloud revenue grew to 68 percent in the second quarter while the next 20 competitors could only manage 41 percent.


While AWS is playing in a different league altogether, Google and Microsoft showed a significantly higher growth rate. IBM leads the hosted private cloud domain in the meanwhile.