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Third-Party Fact Checkers To Aid Facebook Fight Fake Stories

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Third-Party-Fact-Checkers-To-Aid-Facebook-Fight-Fake-Stories-300x129 Third-Party Fact Checkers To Aid Facebook Fight Fake StoriesThe fake news problem that has taken over its platforms will be fought actively by Facebook. The company has also added some new features that will allow users differentiate true from false. Users can flag a fake story by clicking on the upper-right corner of the post and choosing “It’s a fake news story” as the reason you’rereporting it. The flagged posts will be run by four third-party fact-checking organizations that stand by Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles: Politifact,FactCheck.org, ABC Newsand Snopes.com. The social media company will mark it as a disputed tag if those companies will find it to be fake. Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s vice president of product who oversees the News Feed mentioned in a statement that they are trying to anemphasis on the worst of the worst.

Though people will still be capableof sharingdoubtful stories, but Facebook made it clear enough thatyou’re distributing fake info with an additional warning before you post. If the user chooses to continue, their contacts will be informed that they have shared fake info and hence flagged. Facebook said they are putting a lot of effort towards this issue of publishing fake news.