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Thundercore To Make A Faster, Cheaper Blockchain Platform, Secures USD50 Million In Funding Round

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Thundercore_To-Make-A-Faster-Cheaper-Blockchain-Platform-Secures-USD50-Million-In-Funding-Round Thundercore To Make A Faster, Cheaper Blockchain Platform, Secures USD50 Million In Funding RoundThunderCore, a fast, high performance EVM-compatible public blockchain platform, has announced that it has hoisted USD50 million in a funding round led by investors from the U.S. and Asian companies, including Pantera, MetaStable, Huobi Capital, ZhenFund, Arrington XRP Capital, FBG, Hashed, Kinetic, Electric Capital, and SV Angel.

In a statement, ThunderCore CEO Chris Wang stated that the investors have deep connections and substantial experience in the Blockchain space and the company is developing a decentralized ledger technology that will be a foundation for developer apps and will be capable of 1,200 transactions per second. He further said that the company sees it as a cheaper and faster version of Bitcoin with smart contracts. ThunderCore has high performance, fully decentralized trust, more scale, and higher throughput. The company’s protocol provides users and developers a simple solution to advancing Blockchain as a whole. The platform has a hybrid consensus mechanism with an optimized fast path that allows developers to simply and conveniently develop on the platform while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum applications, Wang added.

The ThunderCore’s platform is created with the developer community in mind, and it gathers feedback, data, and insights on developers’ usage of the platform and how to better assist them in developing decentralized apps (DApps). However, according to Wang, the company’s management team has reliability and the level of investor which support them to make different from the crowd. In the same line, a California-based company Sunnyvale is echoing the pitch of several rivals in Bitcoin and Ethereum like IOST that recently has announced its mainnet network.