TIA announces Collaboration with the IoT Community to Accelerate Digital Transformation

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TIA-announces-Collaboration-with-the-IoT-Community-to-Accelerate-Digital-Transformation TIA announces Collaboration with the IoT Community to Accelerate Digital TransformationThe Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), a telecommunications association – accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – that develops voluntary and consensus-based industry standards, entered into an agreement with the Internet of Things Community (IoT Community), the largest and longest standing global independent IoT Community, to accelerate the IoT digital transformation process and further the development of smart buildings.

As per an earlier Jan. 2019, press release statement, the two organizations reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), which states that they will be collaborating on a set of initiatives which include smart buildings, connected vehicles, intelligent transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Further, the MoU also mentions, the two organizations will be sharing commercial, technical, and standardization insights, exploring new opportunities and working on innovative solutions to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things.

According to Harry Smeenk, SVP, Technology Programs, TIA, harnessing the potential of IoT is something crucial for the successful development of smart buildings and eventually smart cities. The two organizations will be working together to enhance the development of the Internet of Things and enable the digital transformation of smart cities and smart buildings.

And as per Nancy Shemwell, COO, Internet of Things Community, the two organizations are complementary to each other. With IoT and IIoT edge being top priorities for corporations and end users today, ensuring a smooth and secure implementation of these mass evolving digital technologies is the key.