Tive in Partnership with the USPS, Launches Return-By-Mail Supply Chain Tracker

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Tive-in-Partnership-with-the-USPS-Launches-Return-By-Mail-Supply-Chain-Tracker Tive in Partnership with the USPS, Launches Return-By-Mail Supply Chain TrackerTive, a real-time supply chain visibility company, in a recent press release statement, announced that it in partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS), has launched a return-by-mail tracker, to enable return logistics for within the US shipments. With the new return logistics ability, manufacturers and shippers can significantly simplify return logistics, maintaining end-to-end in-transit goods visibility.

With Tive’s sensor and software solution, supply chain managers can track and analyze the location and condition of their shipments in real-time. The company’s proprietary low-power multi-sensor tracker with cellular connectivity provides real-time monitoring and analysis of the shipment’s location, the climate which they’re in, and integrity of shipments. With this detailed and fine-classified data and analysis report from Tive platform, supply chain managers have the ability to custom set alerts like ETA warnings, temperature deviations, or geofences. Additionally, with Tive API, managers can extract this data into external SCM, TMS, or ERP systems, to further gather insights into their supply chain.

The company’s newly developed return-by-mail tracker can be placed directly in any postal box in the US, eliminating the need for special labeling or packaging. The shipments accompany trackers along their way to anywhere in the US. Further, the shipment recipient can simply collect the accompanied tracker and put them in any standard mailbox, which will get them back to Tive or the origin address, i.e. shipment sender.