Top Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2019

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Top_Artificial-Intelligence-Trends-for-2019 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2019As Artificial Intelligence keep on growing on its path, many questions raised about its impact in the coming years. So the best way to anticipate what folks will be talking about for AI this year first to look at what happened in last year and pay close attention to those end of year reports published by industry, academia and special interest groups for their expert insights into the year ahead.

The AI Index 2018 Annual Report, published by Human-Centered AI Initiative at Stanford University December last year, offers data-driven information into the growth of Artificial Intelligence research and application over the past year, providing folks a precious source from which they can forecast trends for the year ahead. The report accumulates insights from activity across research and industry, including the jobs market, with the public interest in AI. Here are some AI trends that will impact in this year. The rise of voice assistant speaker- The touch screen devices persist to take a back seat as voice search through digital assistants becomes more widespread. As per the report, less than half of adults, nearly 40 percent, utilize voice search on a daily basis and will grow to half of all internet searches by next year.

2019 will be a turning point for AI in business- According to a recent report issued by Microsoft, the most significant role of AI will play in the business arena is that of fueling customer engagement. With 74 percent of respondents, the report illustrated that they expect in the near future that AI will assist them to bring more customers with this rising to 100 percent for more improved and mature businesses. In addition, 56 percent of businesses anticipated that AI having a large impact on business sectors that are totally unknown these days. Additional 65 percent expected that AI to have a likewise large impact on their core business.