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Transformation Of Law With Use Of AI

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Transformation-Of-Law-With-Use-Of-AI-300x181 Transformation Of Law With Use Of AIAn odd combination of worrying predictions from affected workers and executives eulogizing the virtues of change, innovation and another adjective that can be applied to the particular situation when AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) made an entrance to any profession. A more moderate truth lies between the horror and hype that proceeds than vocal opponents and pro would have you believe. It can be said for the future that has a way of creeping upon us and in this case into the legal industry.


Let along what AI actually is vendors, lawyers and technologist with foresight were eagerly moving forward while discussing how much AI could actually help legal task. Moreover, before anyone can know the technology infused with AI began its transformation from the exception to the norm. The UK law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Designer recently made a deal with Kira Systems (who also has agreements with Clifford Chance and DLA Piper) to employ its technology for document review is a recent adaptor of AI. Kira’s technology enables the firm to search and analyze contract text, as legal week describe and in applicable through a number of different areas such as general commercial, diligence, real estate and corporate.


One might be misled to believe that the legal industry is ahead of or on par with many others considering the number of firms and sections engaging AI. While this seems conflicting to the popular acuity among those well-versed in legal professionals’ use of technology, there are some that reason the industry is ahead of others.