CIOTechie_Trividia_Health, Inc. Announces Launch of TRUE A-G Scan™

Trividia Health, Inc. Announces Launch of TRUE A-G Scan™


Trividia_Health-Inc.-Announces-Launch-of-TRUE-A-G-Scan™ Trividia Health, Inc. Announces Launch of TRUE A-G Scan™FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.– Trividia Health Inc. announced today the launch of the TRUE A-G Scan™. The new product was presented this past week at NACDS Annual in Palm Beach, FL.

The TRUE A-G Scan is a FDA cleared non-invasive, innovative, six second eye scan that uses lens autoflourescence to detect the presence of advanced glycation products or AGEs in the lens of the eye. Although this product is not cleared for the screening or diagnosis of diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association, the formation of AGEs is noticeably accelerated with diabetes due to the increased availability of glucose.* AGEs form when excess glucose in the body attaches to certain proteins to form Glycated Protein molecules.

This new technology provides Healthcare Professionals a fast, convenient way to evaluate patient health. Through AGE screening and an early evaluation, healthcare professionals and patients can improve outcomes and lower costs to the healthcare system. “Trividia Health is doing its part to ensure that healthcare professionals and patients are better informed by providing innovative products,” said Scott Verner, President and CEO of Trividia Health.

Trividia Health will offer the TRUE A-G Scan to over 48,000 US pharmacies and retail clinics that partner with us to provide our products to people with Diabetes. “Our retail partners are committed to patient health and making community pharmacies the focal point for care. As the number of in-store clinics continues to grow and the number of screenings continues to expand, this technology will fill a void. We will work with our customers, payors and providers on the best implementation strategy,” said Verner.

About Trividia Health

Trividia Health, Inc., is a global health and wellness company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced performance products for people with diabetes. With products sold under TRUE and store brand labels, the company is the exclusive partner and supplier of affordable, high-quality blood glucose monitoring and health and wellness solutions for the world’s leading retail pharmacies, distributors and mail service providers. For more information, please visit:

* Peppa, M., Uribarri, J., & Vlassara, H. (2003, October). Glucose, advanced glycation end products, and diabetes complications: what is what works. Retrieved from


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