TRON Hits Landmark 1 Million User Addresses In A Span Of Mere 6 Months

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TRON_Hits_Landmark_1_Million_User_Addresses_In_A_Span_Of_Mere_6_Months TRON Hits Landmark 1 Million User Addresses In A Span Of Mere 6 MonthsTRON (TRX), a Blockchain protocol, in a recent statistics revelation on social media, on Sunday, Dec. 23rd, 2018, announced surpassing one million users. Misha Lederman, the co-founder of the cryptocurrency’s spin-off project, confirmed with a recent tweet that the blockchain network now features over one million addresses.

TRON, which launched its mainnet earlier in 2018, with the recent revelation aims to become the one-stop platform for blockchain developers to create decentralized applications (DApps). TRON’s –which is famous for publicly chiding Ethereum, its main rival– CEO Justin Sun, predicted a “slow implosion” for the altcoin.

Continuing, Lederman suggested that the increased pace at which TRON reached the landmark user-base, i.e. 6 months, is significantly higher than that of ETH. The Ethereum reached 1 million accounts on Jan. 22nd 2018, in 542 days or 18 months since the Ethereum Mainnet Launch, building majority of its user base when cryptocurrency interest was marginal in comparison to the current situation. But despite the growth, and touching the 1 million landmark, TRX’s $0.02 price was blemishing in comparison to ETH/USD, which even after a 90 percent plunge from the all-time high, was able to maintain a value of around $73.

TRX, displayed a strong and continual daily growth this whole week before a correction across cryptocurrency markets saw it lose 15 percent in the span of 24 hours, while ETH dropped 12.6 percent in the same period.