Tron Introduces Educational Events Series To Speed Up Blockchain Adoption


Tron_Launches-Educational-Events-Series-to-Accelerate-Blockchain-Adoption Tron Introduces Educational Events Series To Speed Up Blockchain AdoptionThe marketing team at Tron, a decentralized content entertainment protocol based on Blockchain technology, has announced the Educational Events Series to make people better acquainted with Blockchain and digital currencies. The Tron Foundation considers that it significantly helps people to understand promising technologies. As crypto has been around for nearly 10 years now and it is about the same for Blockchain, the biggest part of the world’s population still seem incomprehensible or vague towards these two terms.

With keeping this in mind, Tron has decided to bring this Educational Events Series to stimulate Blockchain adoption. The Tron marketing team already has conducted their first talk in the series of events with the intention of helping common people understand what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are and how they can transform the world. In this regard, the first educational event took place on March 7 in San Francisco, where more than 40 people participated. For this purpose, Tron managed to engage experts engaged either in the Blockchain space or are occupied in the field of Crypto or traditional finance and investments. In the event, the panel discussed over several subjects, including Bitcoin and Blockchain. They also discussed the speed of open ledger transactions, lower costs for those, and other aspects of transparency of crypto transactions, in addition to Smart contracts.

With this purpose to tell regular people about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Tron Foundation had reportedly made a partnership with the San Jose State University in the Silicon Valley. With the partnership with San Jose University, it will be also educational events, more willingly than traditional courses.