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‘Try before you buy’ Offer From Ascertus

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Try-before-you-buy’-Offer-From-Ascertus-300x129 ‘Try before you buy’ Offer From AscertusFor clients who are looking for a new support partner in the UK and across Europe a 90 day, no obligation ‘try before you buy’ support for iManage Work is been offered by Ascertus. In an announcement Jon Wainwright one of the iManage’s largest partners in Europe and sales director said that the “try before you buy” is reflecting their confidence in maintenance and support capabilities. For over 11 years, they have provided support for the iManage Work users. We are an immense enough organization to supply against the most strict, independently personalized support agreements to the largest customers; and yet small enough to offer every single business account, irrespective of their size, the highest level of care. After Tikit announced a global partnership with NetDocuments, partner relationship of iManage with Tikit is yet in a state of fluidity.


In July 2016, Ascertus, that has been taken back from Huron Legal by founder Roy Russell announced that it has increased its new customer base by 15% and increased business with current customers by 25%. The company after collaborating with DocuSign, a digital signature software provider; BusyLamp, e-billing and legal spend supervision software provider and Iphelion, template management solution provider has broadened its product offering.