Turi acquired by Apple

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Turi-acquired-by-Apple-300x129 Turi acquired by AppleTuri the artificial intelligence and machine learning startup company based in Seattle has been acquired by Apple. The deal for this acquisition was $200 million. The idea is to be a worthy contender for Amazon, Facebook, and Google in the artificial intelligence sector. Apple updates its boilerplate statement when it makes any acquisitions, but didn’t confirm anything explicitly.


The company said that it doesn’t discuss its plans as it buys smaller technology companies in a statement. It is still a mystery if Apple will use Turi’s talent and intellectual assets or the company’s several developer tools will be made available for the vast community of the Apple environment. It is worth a mention that Turi has a verity of developer tools in its possession which help developers create AI solutions. Turi team will continue working out of Seattle. On the company’s earnings call in July Tim Cook, CEO of Apple discussed the company stepping into the AI field. He also mentioned the company’s investment in AR (Augmented Reality) and their previous and upcoming investments in the AI field.


The company has acquired a dew other Ai based firms VocalIQ (natural language processing) and Perceptico (machine learning) earlier this year, making the acquisition of Turi not the company’s first in AI sector.