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TV Service Providers Can Block Channels Minus Refund

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TV-Service-Providers-Can-Block-Channels-Minus-Refund-300x129 TV Service Providers Can Block Channels Minus RefundPeople will get furious when the New York Yankees game that they went to watch was rescheduled in last minute and on top of that, they will not get a refund. Why because on the backside of the ticket there is a clause saying the authorities reserves the right to change its program. Well don’t worry this is just an instance but the situation is similar to the condition when the satellite TV providers like Comcast and Dish Network dropped a channel that you paid for because of a grievance between the network provider and the satellite TV provider. A federal court lately ruled that the loathsome practice is legal to worsen the matter.


Here is what we have on the previous record of this matter. Dish Networks dropped the AMC channel showing the then hit show “Mad Men” in 2012 for several months due to a contract dispute. A temporary block of CNN because of a dispute between TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) and Dish Networks in 2014. Last year Comcast dropped YES Networks showing pro sports in three different parts of the states. As if losing a favorite channel is not enough, on top of that users are refused to get a refund of the subscription fees.