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Twilio Published Q4 And Full Year Revenue Report

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Twilio-Published-Q4-And-Full-Year-Revenue-Report-300x129 Twilio Published Q4 And Full Year Revenue ReportOn Tuesday fourth quarter and 2016 fiscal year,financial reports were provided by the cloud-based communication provider Twilio.A net loss of $12.8 million or 15 percent has been delivered by the company. On a revenue of $82 million,Twilio’s non-GAAP earnings were a loss of 4 percent per share. In total a 60 percent over the year. Wall Street was invigorating for a loss of 5 cents a share on revenue of $74.2 million.Twilio’s loss was of $227.3 million for the year, which is up by 66 percent annually, including an EPS loss of 16 percent a share. Twilio chief said in a statement, starting from the developers and later extending to some of the largest organizations in the world is how the fourth quarter and full year results reveal the power of the platform. He also added that as they step into 2017 they would carry on capitalizing in innovation and development with the goal of powering the software-based prospect of communications.


Looking ahead, Twilio supplied Q1 2017 revenue viewpoint between $82 million to $84 million with an accustomed earnings loss per share of 6 cents to 7 cents.By the end of third quarter, the company has a 34,457 active customer accounts whichhave increased to 36,606 according to the balance sheet of the Twilio.