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Twitter Asks Users About Their Thoughts

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Twitter-Asks-Users-About-Their-Thoughts-300x129 Twitter Asks Users About Their ThoughtsJack Dorsey has posted a question addressing the users of the platform saying, “What is the most important thing that the users want to see in the year 2017 Twitter improve or Twitter Create”? The aftermath of this post is what can be described as a live discussion with thousands of suggestions. He was following the lead of the Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky acknowledgedJack. Brian has conducted a social media poll earlier this week. Under Dorsey’s leadership, the company has struggled to meet the expectations and the stakes could have raised higher. Based on the scan of the responses some of the top requests are a bookmark button for easily finding the tweets, better reporting and safety options for bullying and an edit button for the tweets.


The edit button that has been seriously considered by the microblogging site has the possibilities of being abused. For instance changing the public record after the fact. However, for changing or editing the grammar and spelling only can be an option that can be considered. In order to see what suggestions the company actually adopts it is going to take some time and roundup of discussions are upcoming.