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Twitter Live Streaming Is Now With Or Without Periscope

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Twitter-Live-Streaming-Is-Now-With-Or-Without-Periscope-300x129 Twitter Live Streaming Is Now With Or Without PeriscopeLive video streaming from inside the app is a new feature that has been added by Twitter recently. Now users are allowed to add real-time stories about anything with or without the use of Periscope account. Twitter tailed with the current trend as Instagram release its newest live video streaming update to U.S users and Facebook 360 Live featureare announced. It is believed that the video sharing will be a seamless process with the added functionality. Users just have to tap the live button while composing a tweet to start a live video streaming. Following which a pre-broadcast screen will then pop up where they can frame up first before they go live. This process is similar to Periscope according to a report.


In order to make up for the antagonism with other social networks Twitter acquired Periscope and launched in 2015. Users have already generated more than 200 million live broadcasts as of March of 2016. Many have raised questions regarding Periscopes future despite Twitter explain the fact on their official blog that the partnership is still ongoing and in fact, the feature is powered by Periscope. Users can enjoy more, broadcasting a live event or even random moments to all their followerswith these newest improvements on the social network.