Two Hat Acquires Imagevision to Provide and Efficient Content Moderation Solution

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Two-Hat-Acquires-Imagevision-to-Provide-and-Efficient-Content-Moderation-Solution Two Hat Acquires Imagevision to Provide and Efficient Content Moderation SolutionTwo Hat, an AI technology company, in a recent statement on Thursday, Jan. 17th 2019, announced the acquisition of ImageVision, an image recognition company. With this acquisition, Two Hat will now be capable of providing a highly accurate and efficient content moderation solution for social media platforms, and other such entities.

According to Two Hat CEO and founder Chris Priebe, ImageVision’s computer vision tech gives them access to over 10 years of R&D experience and $10 million worth vision tech. Adding further he said that training a system to filter 90% of items accurately, is not something to boast of, and anyone in the industry can do it, but the real challenge is blending multiple systems to arrive at 99% accuracy, making technology invisible. The company’s primary mission is to grant funding to come up with solutions to protect abused kids.

The company’s Community Sift supplies content moderation solutions to clients like SuperAwesome and Kabam. And recently the company collaborated with Canadian law enforcement agencies to develop, an AI model that detects new child sexual abuse material (CSAM) to help law enforcement agencies solve child abuse crimes. With ImageVision’s computer vision and deep learning tech, Two Hat now has the ability to accurately pin-point pornography and CSAM.