Two major security features rolls out for Next-Cloud 14

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Two_major_security_features_rolls_out_for_Next-Cloud_14-300x213 Two major security features rolls out for Next-Cloud 14Next-cloud, the fork of own Cloud, creates a fully equipped open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud Platform services that can be installed on a Linux server at many hosting companies.
Next-cloud encrypts the data in files for the protection purpose. Nextcloud14 version comes with two new major security features that form a pair of safer ways to provide an authorized login for new users. Here the first step is Video Verification that requires the user to make a video call to get a password, where the risk of access by spouse, kid, or hacker is eliminated.
The other authentication process involves the gateway called two-factor authentication (2FA) service. Here the users are enabled to access the cloud files with the secure messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.
Next cloud Federation has been improvised the productivity factor that enables the users to simply share files across Next-cloud nodes in addition to making video calls to Next cloud servers. Next-cloud now also supports logging into the system database with a popup on the first login.
Next-cloud has also caught up the EU’s GDPR and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act requirements with this release that comes with a Data Protection Confirmation app and separate audit log file. This Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to the versioning and trash feature where desktop and mobile client programmers feel easy to integrate these functions in upcoming releases.