U.S. Deems on Export Controls of AI and Other Emerging Tech

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U.S._Deems_on_Export_Controls_of_AI_and_Other_Emerging_Tech U.S. Deems on Export Controls of AI and Other Emerging TechThe Trump administration is considering restraints on exports of advanced technologies ranging from AI to robotics, as it seeks new means to secure U.S. leadership in innovation from Chinese competition.  The U.S. Commerce Department On Monday said it is looking for the public comment by December 19, on whether there are certain emerging technologies that are indispensable to the national security of the U.S. The Trump administration could then proceed to enforce export limitations on those products, as the US has previously done for military technology and weaponry.

In a document issued on the Federal Register where the Commerce Department listed all the products, that might subject to export curbs. Those comprised items from genomics, to computer vision and audio manipulation technology, to microprocessor technology, quantum computing, mind-machine interfaces and flight control algorithms.

Trump administration officials and many American business leaders have grown more concerned at China’s alleged intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer aimed at reinforcing Beijing’s drive towards a more innovative domestic economy.  This month, the US placed Fujian Jinhua, a Chinese technology group, on a list of entities that were subject to an export ban from the U.S., after it was accused of stealing intellectual property from Micron, an American chipmaker.  Meanwhile, the US Justice Department has sworn to ramp up the prosecution of individuals and businesses engaged in the theft of intellectual property.  The potential application of export controls on such an extensive range of technology product could be hugely disruptive to Silicon Valley.

The Commerce Department move came as the U.S. President, Donald Trump is gearing up to meet his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an attempt to reach a ceasefire in the rolling trade war between the countries.