U.S. State Governments bolstering the ways to secure Government assets from Cyberattacks

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U.S._State_Governments_bolstering_the_ways_to_secure_Government_assets_from_Cyberattacks-300x169 U.S. State Governments bolstering the ways to secure Government assets from CyberattacksThe threat from cyber attacks continually increasing while California was amazed by an election hacking incident a few months back and it again threatens the states whereas congressional midterm election coming up across the U.S.

The Election Assistance Commission in last month distributed USD 380 million to state governments where one-third of the total amount will go for Cybersecurity. Though, New York, Illinois, and Wisconsin have decided to spend their entire fund for Cybersecurity. While further states have proactively focused on creating agencies and
programs to defend government assets. California State is creating the Office of Election Cybersecurity while New Jersey is adding an election expert to the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell. On the other hand, The Illinois State Board of Elections is teaming up with Department of Information Technology with the investment of USD 6.9 million on infringement detectors and security monitoring at every county election and has also launched a Cyber Navigator program to teach the state and regional employees on security practices.

When looking ahead of the further state-level programs, Arizona executed a cooperative approach by associating with the Arizona Threat Response Alliance (a non-profit alliance of firms and universities). While the Chief Information Security officer of Washington State works directly with State CIOs, National Guards, and other state agencies to advancing their groundwork in case of Cyberattack. Recently, the Indiana Office of Technology implemented a software-based solution to firmly amass and share data over 90 state agencies. Along with these challenges, States have built many ways to secure IT and data assets beyond elections.