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Uber And Pandora Teamed Up

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Uber-And-Pandora-Teamed-Up-300x129 Uber And Pandora Teamed UpThe partnership of Uber and Pandora will help the radio company after Uber launched the ad-free Pandora service in its vehicles. Drivers have played music worth of 4 million hours in other words 60 million songs since the two partnered up. Uber also announced to launch the Rider Music feature of its app in the coming weeks, this is definitely good news for Pandora Media Inc. Riders will be able to play Spotify premium and Pandora music from their Uber app.

Below is a list of offerings from Uber:

  • Click on the bar to sign up or log into a current Pandora or Spotify Premium account.
  • Once you’re coordinated with a driver who has connected music, you’ll see the music bar at the foot of the screen.
  • Music will start when your trip begins. Users can change the song from their Uber app. Pick a song, station, or playlist.
  • If your driver is using Pandora, you can preview what station and song are being played. If you use Spotify Premium, the music will carry on from where you last left off.

The Rider Music feature is currently available only with iOS devices, but the company is intended to expand this feature to Android in near future.