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UBER Autonomous Cars Are Without Permit Said The Regulators

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UBER-Autonomous-Cars-Are-Without-Permit-Said-The-Regulators-300x129 UBER Autonomous Cars Are Without Permit Said The RegulatorsDespite the regulators saying to stop Self-Driving cars from Uber, as they are not allowed, the cars are picking up riders. The state of California requires that companies testing self-driving tech apply for a permit with the Department of Motor Vehicles, publicly post data such as crashes and disengagements and have insurances for the technology. Without following these rules and without apermit the on-call service provider is testing its autonomous cars on the streets since weeks in San Francisco with retrofitted Volvo XC90 SUVs. Shari Doherty, a spokesperson for Uber said in a statement that they didn’t get a permit in California because they think they don’t need one. The rules only applicable to vehicles that can drive themselves without a human supervisor, while Uber’s cars have human engineers at the wheel, ready to take over if essential mentioned the company’s autonomous tech chief in a blog post.

Uber didn’t need a permission as the guidelines that took effect in September 2014, mention “Autonomous vehicle means any vehicle equipped with technology that has the capability of operating or driving the vehicle without the active physical control or monitoring of a natural person”. Moreover, Uber care is always under the guidance of an engineer.