Uber comes up with all New Look

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Uber_comes_up_with_all_New_Look-300x169 Uber comes up with all New LookUsually Uber shows up broken bits and atoms logo it unveiled in 2016. This morning, uber had broken up the older look and the company updated their website and app with a brand spanking new logo as part of a rebrand that is to be rolled in the coming months. This move took place two days after Uber tapped former Coca-Cola executive Rebecca Messina to lead marketing efforts of the company.

Characterization in using of all-caps and thick, bold strokes, the rides managing boss brand has always felt a bit hostile. With the change occurred today new font is enabled that is much more modern and friendly.

This is the simplest logo of the company yet that is “easily recognizable”, this simplified logo for the Uber app brings back the ‘U’ where it spreads its services around the 660 plus cities.

This is the fourth logo Uber has updated through in its roughly nine-year span. Older versions of Uber has undergone many updates for the last nine months, and finally comes up with this all-new look with improvements in design and user interface.