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Uber Upgraded Security, Drivers Need To Take Selfie To Sign In

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Uber-Upgraded-Security-Drivers-Need-To-Take-Selfie-To-Sign-In-300x129 Uber Upgraded Security, Drivers Need To Take Selfie To Sign InReal-Time ID check, a new security feature has been announced by UBER this Friday. According to the new feature, the driver has to take a selfie before starting the shift every day. In order to give the riders, an extra sense of security the service uses Microsoft Cognitive Service to reduce fraud will start rolling out in the United States cities. Microsoft’s feature instantly compares the just sent photograph of the driver to the one in the database and if the match was not successful than the security block the account until Uber looks into the issue mentioned the company in a statement.


The company wrote in a blog post that constant development and testing is in progress to reduce the risk factor. More than 99 percent of the drivers are already been verified as during the testing most of the discrepancies arise due to the unclear profile photograph of the driver. The world’s most valuable private company Uber has recently experienced quite a list of disputes from its staffs and drivers. Despite all this, the company is making a lot of effort not to compromise the securities of its riders with the use of new technologies.