UberMedia CEO Gladys Kong:on Data Science Evolving and Location-Based Marketing Strategies.

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UberMedia_-CEO_-Gladys_-Kongon_-Data-_Science_-Evolving_-and_-Location-Based_-Marketing_-Strategies.-300x169 UberMedia CEO Gladys Kong:on Data Science Evolving and Location-Based Marketing Strategies.In a recent interview with Gladys Kong, the CEO of UberMedia for technewsworld talked about Mobile advertising and location-based marketing that they have steadily grown towards data-driven models, both in targeting and analysing the results. In the context of the advertisers are now trying to understand more about the consumer’s journey with the merchandise and their reviews. They are open to any insights given to their hands in order to understand the consumer in broad and dep spectre.

By pertaining to all these quests their ultimate goal is to measure the results of their advertising dollars and also measuring the effect of their advertising dollars and strategies on the foot traffic and how to increase the statistics.

Location measurement now a booming topic of discussion and a critical part of advertising, she quotes that lot of their team focus at UberMedia is on making data actionable and impactful which ultimately leads to help their businesses to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and help marketers in their focus not only on finding the right customers, but also measuring and learning about the results of their campaigns as well.
When asked about the relationship between mobile technologies and data science evolving, Kong replies by saying that- Today, all consumers carry a supercomputer in their pockets, smartphone. And hypothetically if considered the case for the demand for data will ultimately grow if consumers spend more time on their mobile devices.
Everyone is consuming more content on our mobile devices adding a lot of behavioural switch to mobile in the social networking world. it is high time now that businesses will have to find a way to an influence data on the mobile devices, irrespective of it coming in the form of location-based data or in the future, voice apps or even robotic devices to actually secure the market expansion.

Data will be coming in some form or the other, and companies specializing in data-driven strategies have to continuously evolve in the field to be the most successful.