UCSF And The Doctors Company Partner To Support AI-Powered Patient Safety Project

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UCSF_And-The-Doctors-Company-Partner-To-Support-AI-Powered-Patient-Safety-Project UCSF And The Doctors Company Partner To Support AI-Powered Patient Safety ProjectThe academic medical center the University of California, San Francisco (SCSF) and the Doctors Company, a California-based medical malpractice insurance company, have partnered for a new USD1 million Artificial Intelligence-powered patient safety project. With this collaboration, the Doctors Company will work with UCSF researchers for evidence-based patient safety practices development. Moreover, the company will focus on ways to deploy health information technology, especially AI, new and innovative approaches to quality advancement.

Robert Wachter, MD, chair of UCSF’s Department of Medicine and a member of the Doctors Company’s Board of Governors explains that “The Doctors Company insures 82,000 physicians in the U.S. and has a rare window into the causes of medical errors and strategies to mitigate them.” He further added that “By leveraging UCSF’s world-class research community, we believe that we can develop new insights into safety hazards and strategies to keep patients safe.” Both organizations are seeing the AI, along with the Electronic Health Records, medical apps and sensors, as large opportunities to find new approaches to deep-rooted safety risks like misdiagnosis and medication errors.

With the support of the Doctors Company, the two eminent associate professors of medicine, Julia Adler-Milstein, and Urmimala Sarkar, who led the UCSF team, will research best practices to integrate AI tools into clinical workflows. In the midst of challenges, they will target physician burnout, EHR optimization, alert fatigue, data sharing, and patient engagement and experience. According to Adler-Milstein, “The primary goal of the partnership is to discover and disseminate new insights into risk mitigation strategies and patient safety by connecting top-tier UCSF researchers and unique resources and expertise from The Doctors Company. She further says that “It is a rare and exciting opportunity to have two such organizations come together to jointly advance such an important area.”