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Ultra-Fast 5G Is Years Away From Deployment

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Ultra-Fast-5G-Is-Years-Away-From-Deployment-300x129 Ultra-Fast 5G Is Years Away From DeploymentAs the trials on the Wireless Standard called 5G by a number of major carriers have gone well. However, it will be incorrect to say that the 5G is exactly at our doorsteps. Some analysts have though said that by the year 2020 the high-speed technology will be deployed. It is anticipated that the way it will be deployed might surprise some. Wireless carriers like Google and others are expected to use this to provide ultra-fast broadband to the users. The speed might reach up to 1 GBPS or more. That being said it is not yet time for the ultra-fast technology to spread its wings. Bengst Nordstrom, a long-time telecom executive, now CEO of Northstream, a consultancy based in Stockholm said for 5G fixed wireless is the only business case.


Even though the 5G standards are not completely ready, companies like AT&T, Verizon and Google are putting efforts towards fixed wireless deployments. Samsung vice president WonilRohbelieves a network in which carriers put base stations on poles that are already linked to a high-speed network and then beam a 5G signal to a home. Many people were disappointed as Google put the abruptly stops executing on plans to deploy gigabit internet to cities through the country and laid off much of Google Fiber’s workforce.